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Astrology or Jyotish is an ancient Indian science, but its application is an art. For thousands of years people from all walks of life have depended on learned astrologers for advice to make important decisions in their lives. We at BharatAstrology are a team of formally educated vedic astrologers having experience of more than 35 years. This legacy of remedial astrology has been passed on to us through generations. is a whole hearted attempt to bring our expertise on a web platform so that maximum people get the benefit. We are new to the online concept but have experience in dealing with thousands of people from India and abroad for more than 35 years now and they have benefited from the remedies suggested. At we aspire to give quality online or telephonic consultation to you that will help you guide through life.
Human beings face three types of problems in their life - These are physical, financial and social. There are six known remedies to these problems:

(Good deeds)
(Vedic mantra)

These remedies have to be applied according to the need of the hour.An expert astrologer, after judging the horoscope of an individual i.e the natal chart, dasha and gochar, the present planetary position in the sky, forecasts the events likely to occur and the problems being faced by the individual.
The remedies are based on the need of an individual. If someone is not well, the astrologer will advise him to approach a qualified physician also. Gems are the best way to absorb the cosmic energy of the deficient planet and put into the body. We are made up of 5 elements (earth, fire, water, air and sky) and these are energised by seven energies called VIBGYOR. These energies come from these seven planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and two designated planets (nodes) Rahu and Ketu. Whenever we are facing any problem primarily our body is not receiving the required cosmic energy and due to the deficiency our system functions in a way causing physical blockage or leading to indecision and unpleasant situations. By putting a gemstone on the bodyin form of a ring or a pendant, we start receiving positive effects of that particular planet, say for example a dish antenna receiving signals where it is installed.

Similarly, to remove a malefic effect of a planet, we need to do a suitable Daan (Charity deeds).

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